Chairperson of the Board Madara Lapsa

Every person has the right to a safe environment where his/her boundaries are respected and observed. Every person has the right to a life free from violence. My goal is to achieve that the rights of every inhabitant of Liepaja are protected and ensure that the Centre MARTA is that place in Liepaja where every victim of violence and human trafficking can receive easily available, professional services, support, and encouragement
Phone: 29 195 442

Social worker

I believe that there is still no gender equality in our society. This is particularly evident in situations where a woman has suffered from violent conduct of her partner. Children are those who suffer the most in these situations, but they are out future! MARTA stands up for equality, and also my personal opinion is if there was equality in relationships between the partners, this would improve the functioning of a family in general. My work in the Centre MARTA means fighting for a better future for the whole society


I want to give support to everyone so they can believe that things can be different – that it’s possible to have a relationship based on respect and understanding!

Sworn advocate

I work with the motivation to help women suffered from violence, inform them on all legal possibilities how to get away from violent relationship, provide legal support, motive them, give them a possibility to return to normal everyday life


The Centre MARTA provides professional help and support for persons in difficult life situations. I’m glad to be part of the team of the Centre MARTA and that I have the possibility to contribute helping persons who are in crisis

Project assistant, manager of youths groups

The largest joy from managing the youth groups is the true responsiveness from the young persons   and school staff who are ready to work and operate according to the methods of Youth groups