We’re here to help

In our centre you can receive professional help and support in difficult life situations

У нас можно получить профессиональную помощь и поддержку в сложных жизненных ситуациях

We offer the consultations of a social worker, psychologist, child psychologist and lawyer. This service is suitable for persons who are victims of violence and who want to receive psychological support and information on what to do. If you want to get help or consultation about the available services in Liepaja Foundation of the Centre MARTA, get in touch with us by calling 29 195 442  or writing an e-mail to centrs@martaliepaja.lv. We answer the e-mails within 1 workday, and if we don’t answer the phone, when you’re calling, we will call back also within 1 workday. You can get help or consultation in the Centre MARTA also in Riga (67378539, centrs@marta.lv) or in Rēzekne (25648595, rezekne@marta.lv).

Clients are received during the working hours of the office agreeing on the visit in advance. It is possible to agree on the first consultation on workdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. by calling 29 195 442  or writing an e-mail to centrs@martaliepaja.lv and leaving your contact information in the letter.

Social worker of Liepaja Foundation of the Centre MARTA will contact you by the phone number or e-mail you have stated. The first consultation (ca. 45 minutes) will be arranged by previous agreement with you when mutually convenient. During the consultation, the situation will be clarified, safety measures planned, if you are endangered, and the potential forms and procedure of help will be negotiated.

After the first consultation with the social worker, help of other experts and participation in the self-help group will be provided, if this is necessary. Consultation of a psychologist and lawyer is arranged after mutual agreement between the client and experts, but not on weekends and public holidays. Consultations of social worker, lawyer and psychologist are available both at presence and remotely by means of a video call.

  Remember – you’re not alone! You can get help!

We can provide help and support

  • If you’re in violent relations or has suffered violence – physical, emotional, sexual, economic, violent control or pursuit. Also threatening can be a sign of violence. More about the violence and forms thereof can be found out here
  • If you’re family has got into a crisis due to which there is a risk to lose the custody rights over your children
  • If you’re a victim of social exploitation, work exploitation, fictive marriage, or other forms of human trafficking
  • If you’re in relationship dependency

  • If you’re in a crisis


Social worker – consults on the potential solutions to social problems, provides support, information and, if necessary, involves other experts to solve the problems

– consults on temporary protection against violence, on divorce, on child custody issues, sustenance, application of the contact right procedure, on victim’s rights in a criminal procedure and on other issues, and, if necessary, helps to prepare legal documents (applications to court and other institutions), and implements the protection and representation during hearings in criminal and civil cases

Psychologist – provides psychological support to reduce anxiety, fear, and other psychological problems

Child psychologist  provides psychological help to children in different situations. Those children who are not direct victims of violence, but who have experienced family violence, have serious psychological and behavioural consequences like the children who are victims of violence. Children who have experienced family violence become often frightened, anxious, they have difficulties to trust others, they don’t believe in themselves, because they have lived in helpless condition for years

Support group for women who are victims of violence –  the group discusses such issues as how to leave the role of a victim and regain self-confidence, how not to get involved in violent relations once again, how do the children feel if there is violence between their parents, where and how to look for resources to help yourself. Maximum 10 women participate in the self-help group, and it is managed by the expert (social worker or psychologist) of Liepaja Foundation of the Centre MARTA