If you suffer from violence, remember:

Domestic violence is one of the most common types of abuse. Abuse in partnerships can be observed in different social levels irrespective of the status, religion, ethical origin, and level of education of partners.

You’re not alone!

It’s extremely difficult to decide what to do if you’re in violent relationship. You’ll need support and help from other persons to get out of the vicious circle of violence because it can be difficult to do this alone

It’s not your fault!

It’s not your fault if you experience violence. You have the right to feel safe. You have the right to live a violence-free life

It’s not love!

You deserve healthy relationship! The oppressor is responsible for committing violence, it’s not the victim’s responsibility. Violence is the game of power and control – it’s not love

You can get help!

If you or a friend of yours suffer from violence in the family of partnership, ask for help and support

Get help

Emīlija, inhabitant of Liepaja, 36 years

For me, this was a very valuable experience and a take-off point for a new life. Besides, I know for sure – if I ever need help, I won’t be alone